Mined is free software provided under the GNU Public License.

If you appreciate mined you are welcome to a small donation.

Download free source archive

  • mined-2015.25.tar.gz

  • Unpack the archive; in its main directory, use make to produce mined.
  • Consult COMPILE.DOC for further options and details.
  • Install:  
  • Run make install for a root installation (for all users).
  • Other options...

  • Download binary packages

    Free download software

    Windows version
    Runs from Windows explorer context menu for text files (with bundled mintty), or from Start menu or Desktop.
    Also runs in Windows console or Windows terminal emulator (e.g. mintty, xterm, urxvt).
    With cygwin 1.7 console codepages support.

    DOS/Windows version
    Runs in Windows console (command line prompt), in DOS emulator (e.g. DOSBox), or on plain DOS (MSDOS/FreeDOS/...).
    Enhanced codepage support, also for FreeDOS/DR-DOS.

    VMS version
    Runs on OpenVMS on VAX or ALPHA architecture (or emulator) or Integrity server (Itanium IA64).
    Built on FAFNER, HP OpenVMS Program servers, and Polarhome.

    Other installation packages:

    Install Cygwin package

    Run the setup program from the Cygwin home page (32-bit installation or 64-bit installation). In the “Select Packages” menu, open the “Editors” category and select the mined package.

    Install or download openSUSE Linux RPM package

    From the openSUSE software archive M17N project, select a mined package.

    Install or download Linux package

    For CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, SUSE, Univention, select a mined package from the openSUSE software archive, or select a package for your Linux distribution from the openSUSE software archive – mined package page.

    Download Solaris package

    For Solaris on SPARC or Intel, packages are available on Sunfreeware.

    Install FreeBSD package

    On a FreeBSD system, type pkg_add -r mined to fetch and install the binary package.
    For the newest version, build and install mined from the source archive.

    Download NetBSD package

    Find a recent NetBSD package on the NetBSD mined page .
    For the newest version, build and install mined from the source archive.

    Install or download Debian package

    On a Debian system, type apt-get install mined to install the Debian distribution package from the new release area (or eventually the testing area or the stable area).
    Or find a more recent Debian package in the openSUSE software archive (see above).

    Download FreeDOS package

    The source and DOS binary archives are also stored here.

    Install Fink package for Mac OS X

    Use the Fink installer.
    Note that on Mac OS X, it is advisable to use either xterm or iTerm 2 as the native Mac terminal application does not support the mouse.